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Microblading Eyebrow Perfection

Microblading Perfection

Microblading Perfection What would you say to gorgeous eyebrows that have the permanent, perfect arch, color and shape that don’t come off? Detailed and customized to your facial features by perfectly implanted pigment in your skin that stays that way through hardcore sweaty yoga classes, a sexy shower with your hot new lover, rolling ...

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What Permanent Makeup Can Do For You

Permanent Makeup

What Permanent Makeup Can Do For You I was excited when I had my micro pigmentation consultation with Emily last week.  Listening to Emily’s concerns about her high anxiety on having to draw in her brows every morning or making sure that by the end of the day she still had brows made her the perfect client for permanent makeup.  These are ...

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Perfecting Brows with Micro Pigmentation

Perfecting Brows with Micro Pigmentation

Brows with Micro Pigmentation I was excited to have Justine in the studio yesterday for her brow stroke micro pigmentation (natural permanent makeup) this is an advanced technique that I preform in my aesthetic studio.  I had a consultation with Justine prior to her procedure to understand what her concerns were with her brows, you can see her ...

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Beautiful Brows via Micro Pigmentation

Beautiful Brows via Micro Pigmentation By Beauty Expert Nikol

I was so excited when Olivia came into the studio today for an advanced procedure called Brow Strokes micro pigmentation.  This procedure is the perfect fit to any woman or man looking to create beautiful brows that look natural.  We first designed Olivia’s brows the way she wanted them to look with an eyebrow pencil, we took pictures ...

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Fresh Beauty Ink Summer Promotion

Fresh Beauty Ink Summer Promotion By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

I am so excited about my permanent makeup I just receieved from Susan Church www.susanchurch.com  in Los Angeles on my brows using an advance technique called Brow Hair Simulation.  I went out for the second time to study more indepth with Susan Church at the IIPC (International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics)  I am offering a summer ...

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