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Lash Flash Tuesday’s 50% OFF XTREME LASHES

My 3 Best Makeup Tips

Have you always wanted full, long beautiful lashes? Well, Beauties here is your chance to save on Xtreme L:ashes this spring/summer.  Fresh Beauty Studio is offering for a limited time LASH FLASH TUESDAY’S were you can get a full set of Xtreme Lash Extensions 50% OFF by certified lash stylist Nikol Johnson.   nikol has lashed everyone ...

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The Perfect Pink Bridal Shoe

The Perfect Pink Bridal Shoe

Everyone thought that my first response after getting engaged last December would be “What designer wedding dress should I wear?” but instead it was “OMG what shoes am I going to wear?”  I didn’t think it would be that hard, I have obsessively looked through wedding magazines, online stores, department stores, ...

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A Meeting with My Favorite Designer Diane von Furstenburg

My Favorite Designer Diane von Furstenburg

My Favorite Designer Diane von Furstenberg I happened to stumble across the Sephora Facebook fan page the other day, I immediately zoomed in on the personal appearance of Diane von Furstenburg on November 3rd, 2011.  My style is very classic and simple, I found Diane’s wrap dresses years ago and have built a nice collection of her ...

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Come Fly with Me!

If I could go back to any era I would pick the glamorous days of the 1950’s and 60’s.  A time where style and grace ruled the fashion industry not just on the catwalk but on the real runways.  I loved listening to the stories from my Mothers glamorous days as a TWA flight attendant, the uniforms, the flights from Paris to New ... ...

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How to get a Sexy ponytail for Summer in One Step

Sexy ponytail for Summer By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

Sexy ponytail for Summer Products used: Revlon- Ready-to-Wear hair QuickClip 2 Shag in Med Brown One Tight rubber band Hair spray Bobby Pins if needed

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$50 Boob Job?

Could it be true? Only one way to find out Beauties. Most push up bras have so much padding you feel like a football player ready to tackle. This new push up bra called “Gorgeous” from Victoria Secret can be worn 4 different ways. It has supersoft padding, peek-a-boo cutouts and a hint of eye-catching sheen. Contrast piping on ...

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Lets Get Personal

I heard my client Mary say something at her first appointment with me 2 weeks ago about how her fiancee bought her a customized Louis Vuitton purse but it really didn’t click with me until I saw Mary again today in the studio.   I asked her again “What did you mean by personalized Louis Vuitton?”  She looked at me in ...

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Jimmy oh how I LOVE you!

I have been obsessing for a while now about the Jimmy Choo www.jimmychoo.com black Gilbert patent shoe.  Just like the LBD every girl should have a classic black patent pump in her fabulous closet.  When I was looking for a picture to post I ran across my pink patent Lumiere Jimmy’s. I love these shoes so much I did a photo shoot with ...

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It’s Official New Treatments at Fresh Beauty Studio!

I have been so busy designing our new manicure/pedicure lounge with my fabulous interior designer Alena Capra and my wonderful contractor Tim that I have not been able to YouTube or Blog as much as I would like.  I have been posting on my Facebook fan page on all our new furniture and products that have been arriving.  I am obsessed with our ...

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Going back to Bali

I love planning for summer vacations, should I go to the City this year? or a fabulous exotic beach? I do so much research on picking just the perfect place. Here is one option below and what beauty items I would bring to this unbelievable property in Bali.      LOVE Rose Bud Salve for soft lips!        

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