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Diptyque Rose Mundi Candle 2017 | Review

I have wondered for some time now what the big deal was with Diptyque candles? If you follow any beauty or fashion blogs, you will see at least one Diptyque candle in a flatlay or somewhere in the styled picture.  I had to find out what all the hype was about and blindly ordered the limited edition Rose Mundi having never smelled a ... Read More »

The Fragrance I am Wearing Now | Aerin Rose de Grasse Review

I am a little bit of a fragrance snob I have to admit. I go from loving a scent to not being able to wear it almost overnight. I tend to gravitate towards classic, feminine and subtle scents. I don’t like when a woman walks into a room blaring with an overpowering smell or leaves an elevator full of intense fragrance. You want to ... Read More »

Best Beauty Products for Winter Skin

It’s almost impossible to keep your skin dewy and glowing in the dead of winter. Even though I live in South Florida, I travel a lot for work that takes me into the brutal cold in New York City to super dry air when flying to Los Angeles. In today’s blog post I round up my favorite beauty products that will keep you ... Read More »

Tech The Halls with Ringly Smart Jewelry

Ringly Smart Jewelry

Ringly Smart Jewelry It’s time to tech the halls with Ringly this holiday season. It’s almost impossible to go out to dinner and not see most of the restaurant on their phones. I don’t get it; you are out to dinner either on a date or with your girlfriends/friends and it seems that’s not enough. There must be a big FOMO ...

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Microblading Vs. Permanent Makeup | How To Choose

Microblading vs. Permanent Makeup

Microblading Vs. Permanent Makeup It’s incredible how a beauty treatment, product, procedure, can go viral through social media. That’s what we saw happen this year with Microblading. So many people still don’t know what Microblading is but are asking for it and going to anyone including inexperienced “artists” ...

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How to Get the Perfect Holiday Blow Out

How to Get the Perfect Holiday Blow Out

Perfect Holiday Blow Out Happy Thanksgiving my gorgeous readers!!!! I am so thankful for you and all your support you have shown my studio and beauty blog!. The holidays are here and there is no better time to bring your BIG bold hair game to all your cocktail parties and events this season. I have three simple tricks below to ramp up your ... ...

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Simple Steps to Break Out of Your Beauty Rut

How many times have you woken up, looked in the mirror and said: “UGH I am so annoyed with my hair, my skin, my makeup?” Possibly every other day or at least once a week, right? Break out of that beauty rut girl! I know how easy it is to get caught up doing the same look every single day. I found myself ... Read More »

EVER Skin Care Quiz Get $20 OFF

I love taking a skin care quiz; I find out something new that I can do to make my skin glow and look refreshed. I recently posted about my obsession with facial oils if you missed it you can read it here. Take the EVER Skin Care Quiz now to find out what products would give you that healthy holiday glow. I have put ... Read More »

Products To Make Your Gray Hair Shine

Gray Hair Products

Gray Hair Products Since posting my gray hair journey on YouTube, I have had a lot of comments asking about the products I use to keep my gray hair healthy. Working and maintaining gray hair is new for me, so experimenting with different products formulated for gray hair is a must. The gray hair products below are a supplement to my regular ...

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Dehydrated Skin Is SCARY | Patchology FLASHMASQUE

Patchology FLASHMASQUE Review

Dehydrated Skin Is SCARY | Patchology FLASHMASQUE Even though it’s Halloween, you don’t want to scare yourself when you look in the mirror and see dull, dehydrated, old looking skin. You might not be into dressing up for Halloween but scaring yourself and others with your skin doesn’t count. Luckily Patchology has a ...

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