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Modern Love with The Stork OTC

by Nikol Johnson It’s easy to set life goals and achieve them. You study hard in school, pick your top college, kick it like a Girl Boss and graduate top of your class with honors. You decide to be a lawyer, world traveler, fashion stylist, social worker, a teacher. You name it, you dream it, you achieve it. Why is it so hard ... Read More »

Why I Left Yoga for Pure Barre

by Nikol Johnson Let me start off by saying Yoga is amazing for the right person I am just not that person. I have a hard time sitting or standing in poses and quieting my mind. I have pushed myself to take all different types of yoga classes, chill out and meditate and get in touch with my inner spirit it just doesn’t feel ... Read More »

I Stopped Dying My Hair and This is What Happened

by Nikol Johnson I think it’s safe to say that you would probably rather die than have your hair turn gray before forty right? I mean, gray hair represents old, stressed or should I even say it? Elderly? Let’s face it gray hair is taboo for women under seventy-five. Every article in glossy magazines is telling us to defy our age ...

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Behind The Scenes at HSN Beauty Report

I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since I last posted! Well, I can. My schedule has been insane this season. I have been rocking it at the studio with designing and creating beautiful eyebrows with permanent makeup, launching a new luxe facial menu, building content with my photo shoots and flying to Tampa to film ...

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Black on Black with Hermes Evelyn Crossbody Bag

Hermes Evelyn Crossbody Bag

(Photos: Rick Gomez Photography) Pants: Celine |  Turtleneck: Banana Republic (old) similar here | Shoes: Banana Republic (old) similar here | Sunglasses: Juicy Couture | Bag: Hermes I often find myself grabbing black on black when I am in a rush.  Not only is the look slimming and classic but adding pops of color with accessories makes a ...

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How to Style Black Pants – Effortless French Style

How to Style Black Pants(Effortless French Style)

Effortless French Style   I tend to gravitate towards black and white now that I have salt and pepper hair. Is that correct? Salt and pepper? I feel I can’t say gray hair since I am not completely gray right? My hair doesn’t know what it wants to do. A friend of mine recently sent me a meme that said “Cranky with a ... ...

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Not Your Mother’s Bra Straps

How many times has someone come up to you and moved your bra strap under your shirt or dress? Yeah, I know one too many. 2017 is the year of the shoulder; it’s all about showing your bare skin and bra straps. Yes! That’s right you can liberate yourself and let your bra straps OUT! Gone are the days of looking down feeling ... Read More »

2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide {Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography} February is one of my favorite months the weather is cool and crisp (Yes, I know South Florida does have its perks) everything is pink, champagne is flowing and dark chocolate is allowed. I rounded up eight of my favorite gifts to give to yourself, him or your BFF for ...

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Beauty Inspired Chocolate by Maggie Louise Confections | #Treatyoself

I am always looking for unique gifts to give to my clients. I can’t remember how I found Maggie Louise Confections an Austin, Texas-based uber creative confections company. Would you expect me sending anything less than haute couture designed chocolate? I think not my love. I was attracted to this chocolate company that was launched in ...

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50 Ways To Feel More Beautiful

With Valentine’s Day around the corner here are 50 ways to feel more beautiful and give yourself a little love. 1. Try dry brushing-A great way to feel more alive and detox 2. Change up your makeup. 3. Wear a bright pink or red lipstick. 4. Try a new hairstyle. 5. Try a new haircut-If you have long hair chop it off. 6. ... Read More »

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