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Love Letter from Paris

I found this beautiful necklace on http://www.aretedesigns.com it’s amazing how having a necklace all about love, love letters (which is so rare now) and my favorite city Paris can do for your day. When you are ...

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Not Now

This is my all time favorite Essie nail polish “Not Now” www.essie.com it is a coraly/red color that makes you feel like you are on the island of Capri, sitting on a yacht with a kir royale in hand; dreaming of sexy ...

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Living in Paris

As I sat watching Julie & Julia this past weekend I dreamed of booking my ticket to Paris and just roaming around the most romantic city in the world with fresh flowers and a freshly baked baguette. I saw myself sitting at a ...

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The Boudoir Experience

I wanted to share with you girls the photo shoot I did last weekend with a photographer I have worked with for the past 10 years. Howard Austin Feld has been a photographer for over 30 years in Miami he has now created ...

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When Time Stops-A Love Affair

One of my favorite pictures is “The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville,” taken on a Parisian street in 1950, Love is all around us, take time to appreciate everyone in your life today. Life is short embrace the love that is ...

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Love Letter

In an age where texting, bbim, email and im is standard practice for communicating, it almost feels like a fairytale that letters; written letters were a way to express yourself, you almost get classified in a class of ...

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Cover up that Tattoo!

We see a lot of tattoos on brides and bridesmaids the question the brides always ask is “Do I want my tattoo to show for my wedding?” most of the time brides/bridesmaids do not want to show their ink. We use ...

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Finding Love in every city

It goes without saying that I am always on the hunt when traveling for sexy pictures on billboards, taxi’s, in store windows etc. I usually find many when in Vegas and New York City. Here from one of my recent ...

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As you can see I love to paint on bodies, to create, to challenge myself or to just be with my paint. My model Eva is beautiful with amazing features that I thought it would be interesting to see half of her face painted in a very ...

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Body Painting

Body Painting is something I love to do! I am posting two pictures where I painted jeans on a model with her hand in her pocket; it’s all about fitting into your skinny jeans! The second model I was inspired by a puzzle theme ...

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