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“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

We did it ladies! You helped me achieve over 10,000+ subscribers on YouTube! This is a milestone for my video career and thanks to you for all your support, comments, good vibes and love I have achieved this goal. I have a picture frame on my desk at my home office that says “Dream It. Plan It. Live It. and that’s exactly what I am doing. It’s been a long time coming with lots of twists and turns in my YouTube career. I started out with just a flip camera, not really knowing what I was doing with video, filming, lighting and editing just the desire to help other women with their beauty and share what I knew as a licensed Esthetician and multi-media makeup artist.

Fast forward to eight years later, over a hundred of videos, a supportive visionary husband that raised my video game I now have a full professional filming studio. If you told me eight years ago that I would know how to edit on Adobe Premier Pro, do slider shots, B-roll, shoot with two cameras, boom sound mic, and in 4K I would have told you to keep on dreaming sister. This is now my reality and I am obsessed with bringing you the best level of content I can possibly film. I read all your comments and listen to what you want to see, learn and put into practice in your own beauty routines so keep them coming.

I had a little derailment from filming when I went through infertility in 2014 which I thought would last maybe a month or two (how silly, but hopeful lol) but instead lasted four years. I thought I could keep up with my studio and seeing clients on the hour AND filming videos each week all while going through daily doctor appointments not only in Florida but in Colorado for IVF. Sounds a little unrealistic but my desire to keep up was so strong but in the end I just couldn’t. I was so taxed with the emotional and physical aspects from infertility I couldn’t drag myself in front of the camera plus my spirts were so down I don’t think my beauty videos would have been that inspiring or entertaining. I wasn’t too far from my channel, I started a second YouTube channel vlog style to document my infertility journey. Not only did my professional career take a beating so did my YouTube career. YOU ladies helped me get back into the swing of things with all your positive comments and encouragement.

Photos: Rick Gomez Photography

I feel very connected to my message about Owning Your Beauty and not conforming to what the beauty industry or society says is beautiful. My channel is for the woman that wants to feel confident in her own skin.
I normally don’t do Giveaways’ but I felt that this was a very special milestone and I wanted to send out the love to you. To enter you need to have an Instagram account, here are the rules to enter my giveaway.

1. Make sure you are following me on Instagram @freshbeautystudio
2. Tag 2 friends in the comments, I love meeting new Fierce women that are owning their beauty.
3. Share in your Instagram Stories tagging me for an extra entry! (DM me a screen shot).

That’s it ladies I will draw a winner one week from today March 10th, 2018. Good Luck and happy tagging.1.

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