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Nikol Johnson

Multi Media Makeup Studio & Xtreme Lash Bar


Red Carpet Hair and Makeup

The team of talented makeup artists and hair stylists at Fresh Beauty Studio bring red carpet hair and makeup to our brides nationally and in the Caribbean.  Our style for hair and makeup is heavily influenced by the Golden Globes, Oscars and any Hollywood red carpet event. The 2010 Golden Globes were amazing this year. The hair and makeup was chic, polished and fresh. I know our brides will be bringing in samples of Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz to name a few.

I love creating ultra clean looking skin/complexions it’s your first step to flawless pictures. You can see a sample of glowy skin on Kate Hudson. For your wedding day and photos you want your skin to look fresh not covered up like you have a mask on. It’s not sexy to look like you are wearing tons of makeup for your wedding or red carpet event, if you have issues with your skin we recommend doing a series of facials or peels with a licensed esthetician months before you big day.

Cheeks and eyes are my favorite to make look lush and glowy. You want your checks to pop and look healthy in pictures, eyes should be clean, defined and blended. There is not one bride that comes into FBS studios www.freshbeautystudio.com  that does not receive long, beautiful lashes. Our brides that want their lashes to last throughout their honeymoon will opt for Xtreme Lashes done in our studio by our certified lash stylist www.xtremelashes.com  but if our bride is just looking for a 24 hour glam look we apply our individual lashes that look modern, clean and natural.




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